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10 October 2011 @ 12:42 pm
The problem with using the same username through the years is that the more embarrassing confessions of a middle school/high school-aged me are very searchable and accessible. While I have been slowly transitioning to a new username for many sites, I cannot completely dissociate myself with this one. Not that I dislike this username; it's just had its day.

Why am I suddenly contemplating this? Well, I shut down my Xanga account today. All gone. No more. Goodbye. I probably should have found a way to archive it for myself, but after review a couple of my high school years through posts, I decided they did not need to be on the interwebs. Sorry high school me. Perhaps in time I will also remove this livejournal account. For the time being, however, i will let it live on. I'm not exactly sure why yet.

It has been a long while since my last post. Fieldwork in North Carolina sounds like forever ago! For perspective, I am currently in my first year in a PhD program in Ecology at Penn State. Yup, it's been a while. Fittingly, I am quite behind on work at the moment. This always seemed to necessitate a livejournal update in the past; interesting that it should now as well. Some things never change.

Not that anyone reads this, but if one of my friends does stumble upon livejournal in a fit of nostalgia (?), you can stay updated via twitter (scissorsfiend) or my (paper art) website http://gailmccormick.wordpress.com.
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26 July 2009 @ 05:09 pm
Two more weeks of North Carolina and I'm back to civilization!! Kinda. at least human contact. Okay, Chapel Hill is kind of quaint, and our house is like 10min from campus and downtown, which is great, but when it comes down to it, I'm still living/working with just two people. Save the UPS store lady or bored Food Lion cashiers, I don't get much more social contact. The ants really don't talk much. I guess I should worry when they do! Ants, you ask? Yes, ants. I'm basically working as a field assistant for two PhD students from U.Tenn Knoxville for the summer. We watch ants. In theory it's kind of interesting. In practice, we get covered in bugs (damn those ticks and chiggers!) and wait for ants to come to bait all day. Oh well. It's okay. I'm just a little tired of ants.

This summer has been strangly....slow. Not in terms of passing days, but in terms of keeping busy. Because there's no one to talk to here, I do a lot of reading, watching movies, playing with paper, and video games...which is great! But weird. These are normally how I procrastinate, so doing these things all the time is very weird. Nice, but weird. Really I think I'm wishing I got more of these "fun" things done. More books read or paper things made, more written, etc. Nope. I'm even lazy in regards to what I want to do. Thus I am always a little guilty and unsatisfied. Oh well. Such is life.

Speaking of paper, I've been messing around with lots of new things/designs lately. Fun fun fun. Actually I decided last night I was finally going to try to make a person..in the just do it and see if it works, kind of way. I kept putting it off. Well, here's the result:

Paper Girl Eyes by ~zippybluedwarf on deviantART

I think it turned out well! :D

Well, back to movies and maybe to a walk soon!
05 July 2009 @ 10:06 am
with the idea of a real update soon.

For now though:

When you see this, take a minute and share five good things of your day with the world, uncut.
-It's raining! It hasn't rained in 3 weeks!! I'm totally going to go run in the rain later today if it keeps up
-my brother called me at 8am to say he's back in the states! YAY
-we saw fireworks last night. i was a little bummed we didn't actually go /into/ the stadium and hear the music; instead we sat on a wall just outside the stadium and had trees in the way, but it was still good.
-I had watermelon, good potato salad (is that possible), hamburgers, and ice cream yesterday with my two housemates (one is from argentina) and my other housemate's boyfriend (from Croatia). The two men tipsy=awesome.
-I made a penguin yesterday. it is awesome. I've also planned out my next few things to make!

mmm had to breech into yesterday since i only got up 40min ago, but I think the livejournal gods will be okay with that.

Well, I'm going to go out for groceries and to borders and hopefully to get a cheep toaster? we'll see. Until later--
25 April 2009 @ 02:44 pm
...not studying for exams. I have one on monday and one on tuesday..joy. They were both supposed to be yesterday, actually, but my professors were nice since I had the show last night.

Yes...the show. Oh the show. Quite an experience. One of the MFA students here at UM wrote it a while ago. We had 2 workshops with it, but it wasn't until this week that we started rehearsing. We got the 'final' revision of the script last saturday and rehearsed a lot this week---which was wonderful as it was exam week! oh joy. It worked out in the end for me, but still. it was rough. So the staged reading was last night--surprisingly went quite well!! And it was a workout. I played an immigrant from Panama living in Houston who is caught up in the American Dream and "love" when of course a former lover reinserts himself into her life. Very emotional.. and I was on stage for all but maybe 10pages of the script... But it was fun! And sexy. And a good learning experience if nothing else.
I love our director, she needs to stay in my life. The cast was pretty fun, too. They intrigue me. One of the cast is writing his own play and will hopefully have an informal reading of it at his place before I leave for North Carolina this summer. That's awesome! Why don't my theatre friends do that? just hang out with a pizza and read a play or something? Oh wait. Theatre friends. Maybe having more than a handful would help... and maybe actually hanging out with those few would as well. oh well, such is life.
Also, some of the cast and I discussed our mutual love for bad bad horror movies; I guess I prefer old monster/horror movies to the way bad movies, but regardless, we intend to do some good movie-watching in the future. I hope it happens.
The playwright had a lot of unreasonable demands, but once we got through that, he definitely grew on me. Crazy, crazy man, but it was a good play... and it worked out in the end. hahaha, oh Darrel.

Yeah, so North Carolina this summer. Doing research in ecology! Cool! June-August, basically. They're paying me to watch ants. I'm not complaining. It's actually a lot more interesting than that, but you all probably don't care. They lost a little funding, so the cancelled our end-of-summer thing, which I am totally okay with.. That means I'll be in AA for my 21st! yay.

Okay, back to studying. I'm kind of sad I don't have the show to distract me from my studying. It's weird being rehearsal-less again. I mean, all shows are like that, but this was just so consuming for the week... very weird very weird.
15 October 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Well, If I'm posting here it must mean I'm procrastinating! Yup, exam tomorrow, quiz friday and another exam on wednesday.. hmm and rehearsal tonight and tomorrow. ah well... So CSI is still pretty awesome! I want more!! Heroes hasn't been too exciting this season. I mean, it's epic and melodramatic, but it's gone downhill, in my opinion. oh well. I /have/ started watching the first season of the X-Files, though... oohh mean, so very awesomely early-90's. It's beautiful. :) In other news, I think I have all the music memorized for Parade! yay! need to perfect a souther accent over break, though--ugh! And we haven't done like, any blocking so it's good I know all the music, at least. oh well.

I found this quiz on facebook but don't feel the need to put it there, I guess. So here it is, you maybe 3 people who might read this! :)

A-Z QuizCollapse )
28 September 2008 @ 05:34 pm
I had a weird series of dreams last night...

one of which included birthing a child (rather well, actually) but then it turned into a camera with eyes, etc because it’s “head had died”… right… ummm yeah some weird visuals associated with that one also...

another included me in a very dumbed down version of project runway..we were running around Jo-Ann Fabrics trying to find stuff for the prompt “pixie.” I was having major trouble picking fabric and I was running out of time and stil had to find a pattern for a skirt… at one point someone asked me if I could sew “this pattern” for her but I didn’t think I would have time since mine was intricate..and I couldn’t find any good stencils to paint a design on it with—I wanted the leaves but all was there was a baby elephant and an ice cream cone stencil… then one of the judges told me that, it’s okay, I’m not in much fear of losing if I just made it b/c some of the other people couldn’t sew worth crap.. then I woke up and felt the urge to call my mom and tell her "yes! I do want that sewing machine here you offered!" haven't called yet, but still.

then I remembered I fell asleep practicing my lines and hadn't finished going through them, so I picked up where I left off (why not from the beginning? no idea) and drifted off yet again... but I don't really remember that part of the dream... whatever

dreams are fun.

So yeah! Parade is going well--I now have a couple lines too! yay! I'm excited.
Let's see, Katie and I also wrote a piece for the Gargoyle which should go into the new issue... We have to do some more revisions...part of which irk me: some people are missing the subtle (ironic) humor of the piece...they want to make it more extreme--which in some places is good and called for, but in others would complete wreck the flow and feel of the piece.. ugh. need to crank out those revisions w/ katie tonight really, but we both have lotsa homework and we still have to go to Meijer today.. and I'm not sure if my group for acting is still meeting...?? oh well.

Ugh need to go back to reading genetics. I keep finding new ways to put it off (like this). I suppose that means I'm off for now... until the next time I need to procrastinate....
20 September 2008 @ 11:17 am
so this is interesting:

politics?Collapse )

yeah okay whatever.

anyway, I'm avoiding studying for genetics. This class hasn't yet turned me off of the subject, which was my fear...I do like genetics....but... I think I'd rather be doing other things with my time. Oh well. I have to read Medea again this weekend--good play. And somehow have to work in going to north to learn/practice some music in between all that studying.... But really that's a good thing because that means I got into MUSKET's Parade! YAY! So I'm in the ensemble--nothing too fancy--but I get to act on the Power Center stage! huzzah! And I have a couple solos too! woo!
And we have a sweet apartment... but it's going to be super busy. ah well.
Back to work!
30 July 2008 @ 09:24 pm
stare at bugs and take pictures of them (unless I'm covered in them and therefore acting as a horse and swatting them away)


or trapping mice with my professor who totally a mouse guy (there's a mouse named after him! That means someone else discovered it and named it for him--crazy!) and he's named like 6 other species too.. the man has traveled everywhere and has amazing stories and is pretty funny I think.

anyway, here's what we do in a nutshell:

I have 15+ mosquito bites on each of my shoulders at the moment. and that's just the shoulders. hmm. But it /was/ a good overnight trip so I can't really complain...

2 more weeks--thank goodness! but a little sad too.
11 June 2008 @ 08:59 pm
well, perhaps someone will glance at it. no matter no matter! in a less bizarre mood today, at least. First have to grumble: my exam was moved from tomorrow to monday...which means I have 2 exams in that class next week: monday and thrusday. that also means I have 2 days to learn 3 chapters of material. joy! or not. and i need to start packing--tonight, I think--which is also not to fun. but i'll probably read my book and be happy. or call sean or something. regardless, a good decision.

So today was a partial photo shoot for work. Just two sessions of other people really... The big wig of regional Borders' son was the first today--he's 17 I think. cute shot with an old green VW car--it was great, actually. And for some reason, they also took a shot for Cynthia's upcoming book (on inclusive education, really) which I was in with Christopher! Cool! hopefully if they use one of those shots, more of the back of my head will make it in there, but regardless, it was pretty neat!

all rightCollapse )

Okay, I think that's my cue to go start packing.. i'll probably end up calling sean and talking for far too long anyway. ah well. not a bad problem really...
06 June 2008 @ 12:50 am
It's been a strange day.

Got up really exhausted. Watched sportscenter while I ate my Wheaties...which of course highlighted the Wings' victory! I think Katelyn was driving behind me into OU today. We've decided to go bowling soon--we MUST! for one I love bowling and no one ever is excited about it other than me (yay katelyn!) and I haven't seen enough of katelyn for a while either!
Class was slow as usual. Sat next to some UM person who's name I still don't know. she's kind of cool but we don't really talk much. ah well. dozed off a couple times. it's physics, don't judge! stared at that one skinny girl who has awesome clothes again. Her jeans lace up the side near the cuff--how sweet is that? I kind of want to talk to her; she parks near me everyday also... but that's really random and it's too early to really be randomly awkwardly social, I guess.
Came home, made Ramen, checked the e-mail, went to work, left. played paper mario for a while, got Thai food with my dad, almost told him about Andrew and didn't, came home...

And then I took my book, my keys, my ITS hoodie, and walked to a park and sat under a tree reading for a while. And then I moved to the grass and unintentionally squished some slugs with my jeans while reading. Then I moved to the playground and sat on the wooden bridge and called Andrew. It was too nice a day. It begged company and I really wanted to talk to someone but I've bothered all my friends recently, it seems. I don't know. Life is really strange lately.

And Far too busy. curse this class for taking up all my time and energy!

But yesterday I skipped work and Nitesh and I went to the Zoo and we had an adventure and I left Lia a crazy message and we went to Taco Bell and Nitesh told his epic story (from the chair!) which took 3 hours and then we watched Clue. I haven't seen Nitesh in way too long. Why is it the people I want to see all the time I never get to see?

Why is it that I always update my lj when I'm in very bizarre moods?

These are the questions that plague mankind.

Other random thoughts/questions:
I /have/ fired a gun. I was 7 I think.
if marriage isn't a destination in life anymore, why does one go into a relationship?
why do they teach abstinence-only education? More importantly, how does one decide what their take is on the matter?
I still need a mood ring or something because I never do know how I feel.
"how do you know what you want til you get what you want and you see if you like it?" and can you go back if you don't?
why do I find a hug so much more powerful than a kiss? and why do people not seem to understand that?
why is it that older guys are the ones who make the moves?
I find I tend to humor people more than do what I want... but I think I humor myself by humoring people...but then it comes off looking wrong. I'm just curious.
doing the polka with the right person is a LOT of fun. Especially when the guy's charming... actually his parents are charming too and swing dancing with some random charming married man can be a lot of fun also! (meaning: my brother's wedding was pretty exciting, actually!)
why are people so shocked/surprised when I get dressed up? is it really that unfathomable?
and I want a white tattoo. They look awesome. I want the word "indeed" on my wrist. ....I think.

sorry for that. as I said: bizarre mood. and time for bed--work tomorrow and lots of homework. Even though I just took an exam this wed, I have another next thrusday and the final the thrusday after that. joy.
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